Scion of Sin

Scion of Sin
Series: The Chronicles of Krylan, Book 1
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: House of Epic Publishing
Length: Complete Novel
Krylan Starguard, is eldest son of Raigorr the Great, and pariah of the Silosian people. Born with crimson eyes and hair, he is outcasted and bullied often. That is, until he dark powers awaken. Now the world will decide to praise or fear him.
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About the Book

“In twenty-three summers, the legion will rise, and through the blood of a champion, Triton’s vision shall be realized” 


Possessed by a demon, Kaylin Starguard, knows what she must do if her new born son is to be given any chance. A boy like no other, will he uphold the ‘Starguard’ name and find a way to control the ever present and all too consuming darkness within him before it’s too late?


Sincere by name but not by nature, this extremely talented priest has one love in life ‘power’. Driven by this hunger, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if that means making a deal with the demon king himself.


Son of a great and all-powerful priest, Dygor despises Krylan and all that he believes him to be. When his father reveals a blood-pact that connects them both, will he be able to overcome his hatred in order to do what is expected of him?


Known as ‘Glory the Gruesome’, a name she has earned ten times over in the three years that she has been leading the Artimosian Army. Her only desire is to leave the battlefield behind and find a new life … preferably with the dark warrior that appears in her dreams. In a world where tribal rivalry is rife, teenage girls are great warriors and core beliefs are according to which god you worship; who exactly can Krylan trust? Let the battles commence.

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