About the Author

IMG_4061C.H. Norwood was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. As a boy, he was the likable loner. The kids who didn’t have┬áproblem making friends but preferred to be left to his own devices. It was in that time alone that his imagination was allowed grow. He started making up characters around six years old. By the time he was ten, he had started writing these character’s stories. At thirteen he started his first novel. He never finished it.

It would be almost ten years before he came back to his writing. Ten years of joy, pain, rage, compassion, hatred and love. Life had made him a man, but the boy with the wild imagination was still there. That boy had watched C.H. grow up, survive. Now, he had stories to tell, both harshly realm and fantastically whimsical.

And so, Krylan Starguard was born.

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